The Desert Dust

Stay up to date by reading all about the current happenings with the Oasis Shriners through our 2022 Dromedary award winning Desert Dust newsletter. Our fez’s off to our editor Lady Edie Wilson!
The Desert Dust

Oasis Desert Dust "GO GREEN" Campaign is Underway!

At its April 2023 meeting, the Oasis Divan unanimously voted to commence a new "GO GREEN" campaign with the goal of reducing the number of printed and mailed hard copies each month. In order to accomplish this shared team goal, the following will occur:

Monthly Reminder: The Desert Dust is already electronically available each month on the Oasis Shriners website at

Monthly Oasis Email: To be sent once the new issue of the Desert Dust has been posted on the Oasis Shriners website, making you aware that it is available for your immediate ease of viewing at

WHAT YOU MUST DO: To "OPT-OUT" and no longer receive a hard copy in the US Mail: Just submit your information at or scan the QR code with your device, then complete the form. That's it! Oasis office staff will receive your response and monitor submissions each month. Your mailing address will be removed from the list that is sent to our printer, so you should soon no longer receive the US mail version - and, if for some reason you do, please call the Oasis Office to let us know!
Desert Dust

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